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March 28, 2002

Alex Forrest

Talk about "unsafe sex." One of Michael Douglas' many roles as a white-bread family man who screws the wrong woman came in this 1987 Adrian Lyne thriller when he played Dan, a lawyer who has a one-night stand with a woman he works with.

That colleague is Alex, played by Glenn Close, a women quite drawn to Dan. So drawn, in fact, that for the rest of her time on the mortal plane, she devotes her life to trying to keep him all to herself. No matter that he's married with a little girl (who looks way too much like a little boy, but that's another story).

Alex does a number of things to hold onto Dan: attempting suicide, riddling him with constant phone calls, showing up at his office... you know, the usual psycho ex-girlfriend kinda stuff. Then, when that didn't work, she tried the unusual: kidnapping his daughter, faking a pregnancy, attacking his wife, and boiling the family rabbit.

Alex is one of those Mofos that, for some people, is justified in her actions... to a point, that is. I'll admit, it serves Dan right for cheating on his wife. However, Alex redefines the term "mental illness" with her inability to simply let go when there was no going back.

Glenn Close's Oscar-nominated performance solidified Alex Forrest as one of the scariest villains ever for the "horny married man." Just rent this movie and those urges will pass... quickly.

INTELLIGENCE - 7: Very shrewd and clever in her maneuvers against Dan. She always knew just what buttons to push.

POWER - 5: Not physically strong, relying on her mysterious phone calls and handy kitchen knives to do more damage.

VILENESS - 9: Kidnapping his daughter, boiling their rabbit, and staging her "pregnancy" went way too far, even for an "ex."

SWAY - 7: Dan's paranoia grew exponentially as Alex terrorized his family. She was unrelenting in a very scary way.

PURITY - 9: Few Mofos are as screwed up as this one. She had reason to resent Dan, but the lengths she went to... whoa.

PHYSICAL - 5: The heavy black mascara and frizzy hair are certainly unnerving enough.


Posted by Destro at March 28, 2002 04:18 PM