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March 28, 2002

Annie Wilkes

Annie Wilkes - masterfully portrayed by Kathy Bates - certainly would not classify herself as a villain. In Misery, she simply did what any good citizen would do if they happened to run across her favorite author injured in a car accident in the dead of winter. She took him in and helped him get better. Itís the least his #1 Fan could do.

Of course, she went a bit over the line. Just as Paul Sheldon (James Caan) was ready to leave, Annie felt the desire to keep him there longer. Especially after finding out that Sheldon was killing off her very favorite fictional character from his novels, Misery. Annie felt it was necessary for Paul to stay longer and make things right, and when Paul disagreed, she needed to take steps to keep him there.

Whether it was by lying, drugging him, or using the occasional sledgehammer to the ankles to keep him off his feet, Annie did it. In the position poor Paul Sheldon was in, Annie represented a serious obstacle to freedom to overcome, but it was only a matter of time before Annie lost her battle.

INTELLIGENCE - 4: She did her part to keep Paul in the dark, but couldnít throw the law off her trail.

POWER - 5: Not physically strong, but it was enough to keep the injured Paul off his feet and in the house.

VILENESS - 9: Broke Paulís ankles just to keep him captive and shot poor Richard Farnsworth.

SWAY - 6: Very friendly with the small town folks; even with Paul. No one would suspect her of evil doing.

PURITY - 8: So obsessed with keeping Paul there, Annie did just about everything to make it so.

PHYSICAL - 5: Her regular appearance allowed her to keep a low profile while holding Paul hostage.


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