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March 03, 2002

Darth Vader

If the Death Star is the "ultimate power in the universe," then this hulking heap of black leather and machinery is the perfect badass to command it. Formerly a little boy with amazing piloting abilities, the Dark Lord of the Sith originally came to life in the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope. He went on to lead the bad guys to a big loss in that movie, chopped his son's hand off in the next one, and met a very Viking end in the big finale. In between, he did just about everything a supervillian can do to ensure the top spot on our scoreboard: torture people, choke people, chop his own son's hand off, threaten to turn his daughter to the Dark Side... The list goes on, as does his immortality as one of the craziest mofos ever.

INTELLIGENCE - 8: Very smart with excellent command and strategic ability. Usually always a step ahead of the good guys.

POWER - 10: He can choke people from ten feet away, toss things at people from across a room with his mind... nuff said.

VILENESS - 8: Tortured just about everyone in the trilogy at least once in a number of tasty ways.

SWAY - 10: The voice of James Earl Jones says it all, literally. Not to mention the ability The Force has to cloud minds.

PURITY - 9: Thoroughly consumed by evil... until that fateful day when he had enough of his boss, Palpatine. Point off there.

PHYSICAL - 10: The mask, the costume, the cape, the look. Nothing says supervillain like that getup.


Posted by Destro at March 3, 2002 11:58 PM