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March 12, 2002

Hannibal Lecter

The good doctor wasn't famous for his mind or his taste in food, but rather for the combination of both. How could a man so brilliant be so blatantly evil? If we could answer that question, Sir Anthony Hopkins may not have won the Oscar for his portrayal of Clarice Starling's buddy in the cage. Dr. Lecter buries the needle on the Mofo-Meter in a number of categories, ranking him as one of the craziest Crazy Mofos in movie history.

His acts of cruelty from The Silence of the Lambs rank right up there with some of the worst ever. A sample: cutting the face of a guard and wearing it as a disguise during an escape. He has absolutely no remorse while slicing and dicing his victims and his taste for vengeance seems to be unending. Meanwhile, in Hannibal, the doc displayed his love for carnage all over the world. And the climactic scene with Starling (Julianne Moore) and Krendler (Ray Liotta) is about as surreal and disturbing as you will ever see on the big screen.

As a good measure, think about some of the villains you think you might be able to take on and this should explain why certain Mofos score higher than others. The question here is: would you ever want to go up against Lecter, with the possibility he may eat your face at any given moment? I'll take my chances with someone else any day.

INTELLIGENCE - 10: An absolute genius. His mind is often sharper than the knives he uses to dine on people with.

POWER - 7: Deceptive strength for a man his age. Good stamina and dexterity, and he always remains incredibly calm, even during a struggle.

VILENESS - 10: Where to begin? He kills people. He eats people. And there's no end in sight for his tastes.

SWAY - 10: His genius allows him to control conversations and influence even the steadiest individuals.

PURITY - 10: The Doctor passed the point of no return long ago. He is a severe danger to society.

PHYSICAL - 6: Besides his occasional disguises, Hannibal employs one fantastic stare.


Posted by Destro at March 12, 2002 10:15 AM