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May 29, 2002

Jacobim Mugatu

Fashion designers are a dime-a-dozen, but successful ones are a rare breed. So too are successful villains, and the combination of the two - found in the form of Zoolander's Jacobim Mugatu - is just as rare as the 'do on his devious head.

For the man who unleashed the Piano Necktie onto an unsuspecting planet, using male models to assassinate world leaders to further immoral business practices is quite a step up in supporting his brand of evil. But leave it to Jacobim Mugatu (not his real name) to find a way to make it happen.

Enter Derek Zoolander, a male model nearing the end of his successful runway at the top. Mugatu makes him his next unwilling operative and sends him out to take down the Prime Minster of Malaysia. After teaming up with a rival pretty boy and a nosy reporter (aren't they all?), Zoolander takes down Mugatu instead, corset and all.

Against the likes of Vader or Hannibal Lecter, poor Mugatu would've found himself quite overmatched (and overdressed). However, for a Mofo in the high-class, high-style, A-list world, he fit in nicely while sticking out at the same time.

INTELLIGENCE - 7: Mugatu has been executing his own devious and ingenious plans for years using male model assassins.

POWER - 4: He knows how to throw a lethal ninja star. Beyond that, his physical activity is limited to holding his poodle.

VILENESS - 6: Not only does he want to kill the Malasian prime minister, but he wants to do it to keep his child labor plan intact.

SWAY - 7: His power in the fashion industry makes him an imposing presence. (And I think he wears platforms, too.)

PURITY - 8: Willing to go to great lengths to keep his business intact, Mugatu never gives up even in the face of stupidity.

PHYSICAL - 2: Eccentric is not the word. The only term I can think of to explain his physical appearance is "fashion victim."


Posted by Destro at May 29, 2002 05:15 PM