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November 10, 2003

Jame Gumb

At one point during The Silence of the Lambs, Jame Gumb (Ted Levine) unknowingly kidnaps a Senator's daughter, and then orders her to keep herself well moisturized, not for her own health but because he plans on killing her, then using her skin to make a woman suit to wear. So for that suit to work, the skin has to be soft... Just let the idea sink in for a bit, because this is the mindset of a vicious, ruthless, merciless killer and he's one of the last guys you want to find yourself in a dark alley with.

The FBI hopes that another notorious killer will be able to shed light on the recent disappearances of young women in the area (found with pieces of their skin removed), and they send their pretty little agent Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) to see Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins). Indeed, Lecter does recognize the work and knows the identity of this bad boy the feds have nicknamed "Buffalo Bill." Jame Gumb was a man confused and curious about his sexuality and had been turned down for sexual reorientation a number of times. No doubt, this inability to change and the rejection by society had led to him taking matters into his own hands. Lecter would hold this information over Starling's head, teasing her until he was ready to give it up.

Starling manages to track down Gumb at his rundown home, but he confuses her by introducing himself as "Jack Gordon." He flees into his basement when Starling realizes who he is, and when she pursues, Starling finds herself inside a real-life horror movie. Blood splattered on the walls, a bathrub with a rotting body inside, and suddenly all the lights go out. Gumb tries to sneak up on her with night vision goggles but gets shot to death by the perky-eared FBI agent.

Gumb committed premeditated acts of violence and depravity, then committed even more disgusting things to these young girls after the fact. His ultimate goal was to become a woman, but his plan was a sensible workaround to him, even though it was an incredibly revolting one to the rest of the world. The last thing Gumb managed to do that endangered the rest of the world, however, was more indirect, as the process of capturing him arguably allowed the escape of Dr. Lecter to occur. Just as it was with Jame Gumb, no one could anticipate the atrocities Lecter would commit.

INTELLIGENCE - 6: Besides his sewing skills, Jame also has the good sense to use an alias wherever he goes.

POWER - 6: He has average physical strength, but does all the heavy lifting himself.

VILENESS - 10: His kidnappings and murders led to even more awful acts of depravity.

SWAY - 4: Jame is a shy person and keeps very much to himself.

PURITY - 10: His desires have destroyed any morals he once had.

PHYSICAL - 6: Normally, he kinda looks like a slob, but he becomes one scary looking dude when pushed.


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