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May 21, 2004


As villains go, Bill (David Carridine) is quite complex, unlike his monosyllabic name. Bill is the leader of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (DiVAS), a gang of lethal, well-trained killers. He and one of its members, The Bride (Uma Thurman), were an item until she became pregnant with his child. She quit the business of killing people, but the business would catch up with her when Bill surprises the pregnant Bride on her wedding day. She was due to marry some schmo who would undoubtedly take care of her, but he would never really know The Bride - or understand her - like Bill did. So Bill had the DiVAS kill everyone in the church, and Bill put a bullet in The Bride's head.

Years later, miraculously, The Bride is still alive. Comatose, but not dead. She awakens with a thirst for vengeance and a list of five people she plans on killing. The first four are members of the DiVAS; Bill will be last. The Bride slices and dices through her former Squad-mates, unaware of the fact that the baby she was pregnant with all those years ago was, in fact, born and has been living with Bill the whole time. She discovers the truth when she tracks down Bill... and her daughter. Out of respect - and perhaps the memory of the love he once had for the mother of his daughter - Bill gives The Bride a full night to be with her little girl before the inevitable showdown between the two can happen.

In retrospect, Bill knows he was wrong. He admits he overreacted to the Bride spurning her life with the DiVAS and, especially, him. Bill does have a particular set of morals, and he also believes in honor. He is not a raving psychotic or an over-the-top maniac. Bill is a soft-spoken, intense soul who has made his decision to live and die (and profit) by the sword. But Bill, at his base, is a killer like the Bride, and he will never leave the world of killing until he himself is dead.

And so, finally, the battle between Bill and the Bride can begin. The fight is an intense display of rage, precision, and emotion, and it ends quickly. The Bride strikes Bill with the legendary Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique, taught to her by their teacher, Pei Mei. Bill is taken aback, but understands the time has come for him to make amends before taking his final five steps. Indeed, he loved The Bride deeply, and cherishes their daughter, but he admits to his wrongdoings and says farewell. Bill takes five steps and, true to the legend of Pei Mei's technique, immediately dies. Vengeance belongs to the Bride.

INTELLIGENCE - 7: Smart and clever, Bill is just the right leader for the motley crew known as the DiVAS.

POWER - 7: His skills are still sharp and powerful, even for a man his age.

VILENESS - 9: His treatment of the Bride (and everyone in the church) was swift and painful, and really extreme.

SWAY - 9: Bill is always calm with the intensity of an approaching storm. He will get his way and you know it.

PURITY - 8: He is a merciless killer, but the love for his daughter remains a strong bright spot in his life.

PHYSICAL - 5: He may be a trained killer, but he's still old and crusty.


Posted by Destro at May 21, 2004 10:33 AM