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July 12, 2004


Wilson Fisk (Michael Clarke Duncan) is a powerful and corrupt businessman. He has many associates willing to do whatever he says, and when he needs special jobs taken care of, Fisk often hires outside help in the form of murderers and assassins. He is a businessman, and he only settles for the best. He's been burned before, like years ago when a palooka named Jack Murdock was supposed to throw a fight for him but didn't. Murdock's blind kid listened as the fighter was pummelled to death outside the arena, and the mysterious figure known as the Kingpin left his calling card - a rose on the dead body.

Wilson Fisk is the Kingpin, although the cops and the media have been trying to prove the true identity of the gangster for years. And Jack Murdock's blind kid just so happened to grow up and become a superhero. Daredevil (Ben Affleck) has been patrolling the streets of the city for years, and during the day Matt Murdock has been working as a lawyer. When the law doesn't work for him, he takes it into his own hands, and he's been doing it for years, on the trail of the man who murdered his father.

When one of Fisk's associates, Nikolas Natchios, asks to leave the business, Fisk seems to agree that it's time for him to go, but behind his back, he hires an assassin to take Natchios out. In turn, Fisk plans to pin evidence on Natchios to make him look like the long-rumored "Kingpin." Bullseye arrives in town and promptly kills Natchios, and even pins the crime on Daredevil. The superhero arrived in time to make Bullseye miss once, but Bullseye turned the hero's weapon on Natchios. Now Natchios' daughter blames Daredevil - as do the authorities - and the Kingpin has only one loose end to tie up: kill Daredevil. Bullseye volunteers for the job, but eventually fails. And Daredevil is coming for the Kingpin.

Fisk is a massive man with giant muscles, and when the Man Without Fear decides to fight the Kingpin one on one, you have to wonder why Fisk hires outside help. He pummells Daredevil, tossing him around his plush office like a rag doll. Eventually, he unmasks the hero to find the blind lawyer Matt Murdock underneath, and he laughs. Ironic, yes, that a blind man is able to be so well-skilled as a fighter, but when he tells Matt that it was he who killed his father all those years ago, irony turns to revenge. Daredevil fights back and has Kingpin set up for the kill, and finally relents. He lets Fisk live because he can show mercy, and because he is the good guy, unlike the Kingpin. The gangster lives with the knowledge that a blind man knows his secret, but Daredevil knows that Fisk knows his as well.

INTELLIGENCE - 6: This mobster is a shrewd businessman who has kept his true identity hidden for many years.

POWER - 7: He is big and superstrong, but he's not too fast.

VILENESS - 9: Think his enemies should worry? Fisk's business associates seem to die just as often.

SWAY - 7: Fisk is smooth and puts on a good face for the public. No wonder nobody could figure out he was the Kingpin.

PURITY - 8: Money and power drive this giant gangster, and he believes the town belongs to him.

PHYSICAL - 6: Fisk is built like a sequoia, and even his smile seems to be menacing.


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