August 09, 2004


Gotham's District Attorney Harvey Dent (Tommy Lee Jones, not Billy Dee Williams) was merely doing his job when the mobster he was quentioning in court threw a container of acid in his face. Batman (Val Kilmer) was too late to save Dent from the horrific effects the mixture had on his face and, even worse, his mind. Dent emerged from it still alive, but half of him had completely changed. He was now of two minds on every decision, and the ghastly half of his body earned him the moniker of Two-Face.

Two-Face trashed the city wherever he went, including an elaborate bank robbery that left the Statue of Liberty - and Batman - in shambles. He would also attack during the Circus, threatening the VIP's and every citizen inside with an explosive death. The Flying Graysons would save the day, but all but one would pay with their lives. Dick Grayson (Chris O'Donnell) would survive and vow revenge against the two-faced gangster.

Soon, Two-Face would encounter The Riddler (Jim Carrey), a fellow no-goodnik with plans to rob Gotham and take down the city's Dark Knight. And Grayson would team up with Bruce Wayne to form the dynamic duo of Batman & Robin. The tag teams would do battle, leading to a big fight at Riddler's Techno Hideout of Death. Batman would dispatch the man in green, but Two-Face would be there ready for the kill. Batman outwitted Two-Face, using his lucky coin against him. Tossing the coin to decide Batman's fate, Two-Face would be surprised by a dozen other coins getting thrown by Batman into the mix. Two-Face would plunge to his death, bound to fate by his own scales of justice.

Intelligent and swift in his judgments, Two-Face sought revenge and riches using the methods many of the defendants in his trials had used. Dent went well beyond the law and was finally taken down by those who uphold it.

INTELLIGENCE - 7: This high-powered attorney became a highly-intelligent crime boss as well.

POWER - 5: He could handle a gun and throw a punch, but his goons were better at it.

VILENESS - 9: He terrorized Gotham, threatening everyone in his path.

SWAY - 7: Two-Face loved to talk, probably a side effect of his former occupation.

PURITY - 7: The criminal half of his personality was often in control, yet the law-abiding Harvey Dent still existed, bound by chance and his lucky coin.

PHYSICAL - 8: Hey, half of him looks okay... WHOA! Look at the other half!


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July 20, 2004

Poison Ivy

Dr. Pamela Isley (Uma Thurman) was a shy, skittish genius with a love for plants and a true concern for their fate, given the increasing industrialization of the world and the threat on rainforests. With so many toxins in the atmosphere, Mother Earth was certainly at risk and there wasn't much Mother Nature could do about it. That is, not until Dr. Isley stumbled upon a vile experiment which bastardized her research into a way to mutate human strength. Dr. Isley was supposedly killed by Dr. Woodrue, the greedy scientist behind the serum which turned serial killer Antonio Diego into the monstrous Bane. Instead, Dr. Woodrue would inadvertantly turn Dr. Isely into a more powerful being as well: Poison Ivy.

The serum - mixed with Dr. Isley's research matierials - would have a unique effect on her body. With her blood replaced with aloe and chlorophyll skin, Poison Ivy walks into Gotham City in search of the man who could bring about real change because of his money and power: Bruce Wayne (George Clooney). After Wayne shoots down Dr. Isley's demands to deindustrialize the planet, Poison Ivy set about to bring Gotham to its knees. She attempts to steal a priceless set of Wayne diamonds during a charity ball. This is where she first encounters Gotham's protectors, Batman & Robin. However, while the beautiful and exotic villain hypnotizing pheremones easily seduce everyone in the room, they are no match for the other bad guy that shows up looking for the diamonds: Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Outmanned and outgunned, Ivy hands the ice over to the Iceman, but she recognizes he could be an eventual ally.

Sure enough, Freeze finds himself in Arkham Asylum after being captured by Batman. Poison Ivy brings along Bane to bash down the door, and Ivy provides Freeze with his coveted cold suit. Now, together, the two villains devise a plan: freeze the entire planet, allowing Mother Nature to reclaim what is rightfully hers. Ivy helps Freeze recover his freezing equipment, but mercilessly does in the only person Freeze ever cared about: his wife, lying in cryostasis, waiting for a cure to her disease. This enrages Freeze, but he takes it all out on Batman, whom Poison Ivy blamed Mrs. Freeze's death on.

Eventually, Batman & Robin find their way to Poison Ivy's lair, and after battling Bane, Ivy is not much of a challenge. In fact, she's done in by newcomer Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone), who succeeds in getting Ivy caught in her own flytrap. Arkham Asylym would welcome Poison Ivy as its guest this time, but she would be reunited with an old friend when Mr. Freeze returns. He discovered the truth about Ivy unpluging his wife's statis unit, and his wife was saved by Batman. And now Poison Ivy is in for a big slice of revenge, best served cold, from Mr. Freeze.

INTELLIGENCE - 8: Dr. Isley's research was meant for good, but abused for evil purposes - eventually, her own.

POWER - 4: Not counting her poisonous lips, Ivy wasn't much of a physical danger to anyone.

VILENESS - 7: She cares little for the "mammals" of Gotham, and is all too willing to unplug Mrs. Fries' statis chamber.

SWAY - 6: Indeed, she could ensnare men even without the pheremones. But they helped a lot.

PURITY - 8: Ivy maintains that Mother Nature should retake control of the planet, but her goals are far too radical to be embraced.

PHYSICAL - 8: The mousy scientist becomes a bombshell, with the sexy walk and talk to match.


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Mr. Freeze

Dr. Victor Fries (Arnold Schwarzenegger) was working on a cure for his wife's disease (MacGregor Syndrome) when he fell into a giant vat of liquid nitrogen. The accident rendered him unable to live in the normal world, but being the genius he was, he designed a cold suit that would allow him to continue living and working for a cure. However, his ice machines would require diamonds to run, and the man they call Mr. Freeze would soon enter a world of crime, stealing diamonds to keep his dreams of finding a cure - and himself - alive.

Gotham City, a home for many wealthy and influential citizens, has proven to be a good source of diamonds for Freeze. And when a charity ball announces it will feature the Wayne diamonds, Freeze crashes the party. Already in attendance, it turns out, are Gotham's own Batman & Robin, there to protect the jewels. They are distracted by Freeze's goons and by a stranger in town, the beautiful and exotic Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman). Freeze finds her holding the diamonds and she hands them over after discovering her pheremone dust is no match for Freeze's cold blood.

Freeze would meet Ivy again at Arkham Asylym after being locked up by Batman. However, Ivy was there to break Freeze out. She wanted to form a pact with the scientist to strike back at Gotham once and for all. By utilizing the new Gotham telescope and Freeze's own ice gun, the duo set out to freeze the entire planet, bringing an end to man's arrogance and beginning a new era led by Mr. Freeze himself. Poison Ivy, of course, was interested in seeing man destroyed and Mother Nature returning to power.

Things would take a terrible turn, however, when during a fight with Batman, Freeze's wife's statis chamber would be deactivated. Ivy reports this news to Freeze, who blows his top. He shows no mercy on his way to the Gotham Observatory, and immediately sets out to freeze the world. Batman would arrive, of course, and stop Freeze, but not before he revealed the truth to the scientist: Ivy unplugged his wife's chamber herself. Freeze was headed back to the cooler, but Batman promised he could continue his work on finding a cure for MacGregor Syndrome. Both men understand the importance of family, as Batman needed Freeze's work to cure his butler Alfred and Freeze was more than happy to try to save his wife. Meanwhile, he would also have the chance to exact a little revenge on his new cell mate at Arkham Asylum: Poison Ivy. Mother Nature is in for a long sentence.

INTELLIGENCE - 8: The doctor is well-read, highly-skilled, and resourceful - a good match for Batman.

POWER - 7: Has incredible size and strength, but relies heavily on his cold suit, which needs constant diamond recharging.

VILENESS - 8: Willing to freeze anyone, giving them about 14 minutes to thaw out or die.

SWAY - 5: Unleashes terrible puns with a thick accent, but no one can doubt his sincerity.

PURITY - 6: Out of love, Freeze will resort to any means to accomplish his ultimate goal, which is to find a cure for his wife's disease. All this for a good cause.

PHYSICAL - 8: Looks like a frozen RoboCop, but that's still scary enough to send most running the other way.


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May 28, 2003


Edward Nygma (Jim Carrey) was a very imaginitive - and passionate - scientist working for Wayne Enterprises in Downtown Gotham. However, he pushed too far and got himself fired for not producing the kinds of inventions worthy of the company and its founder, Bruce Wayne (Val Kilmer). Nygma would turn things around, though, hiding his termination by terminating his boss, and that would only be the beginning. His next target would be Bruce Wayne himself.

Nygma knew that to be an effective villain in Gotham City, he would need to commit his crimes under the guise of an unknown, mysterious enigma - so to speak - and soon enough, The Riddler was born. His first steps were to team up with another Gotham baddie, Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones), the disgraced former Gotham D.A., Harvey Dent. Together, the two would find a common foe in Batman, and using Nygma's own mind-reading device, would discover Batman and Bruce Wayne to be one in the same.

Unable to effectively punch a guy in the face, Riddler would utilize cryptic messages to play tricks on the minds of his intended foe, but the unsuspecting public were the true victims. Nygma was able to brainwash all of Gotham while working with Two-Face to rob the city of millions of dollars in jewels and materials to construct his ocean-based super mind-reading machine. The machine and its effects on the Riddler drove him to new heights of insanity, and his quest for laughs certainly helped lead to his downfall. Batman would succeed in destroying his machine, and the resulting accident would drive Nygma insane. Now exiled to Arkham Asylum, Edward Nygma still claims to know the true identity of Batman, but until he finds a way to escape, no one will know for sure if he's on the level.

INTELLIGENCE - 9: A highly-skilled scientist, his inventions became even stranger when he became the Riddler.

POWER - 4: Definitely not the physical type, he let Two-Face and his gang get their hands dirty instead.

VILENESS - 5: Concerned with fun, style, and personal power, he also let Two-Face handle much of the icky stuff.

SWAY - 5: Not terribly intimidating, especially while wearing bright green tights.

PURITY - 9: Jealousy started the Riddler on his path, but the insanity resulting from the mind-reading machine would turn it up a few notches.

PHYSICAL - 7: One word can accurately describe his various disguises: distracting.


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April 11, 2003


Once considered boring and insignificant, Selina Kyle (Michelle Pfeiffer) certainly became a lot more fascinating once she took a trip out the highest window in the Shreck office building in Downtown Gotham. She was just your average secretary - err, executive assistant - but she poked her nose in the wrong file and, as they say, curiousity killed the cat. As we all know, however, cat's have more than one life to live, and this little kitty would be reborn.

The bump on Selina's head drove her to not only rethink her makeup and wardrobe, but a new psyche would emerge. A vigilante bent on revenge against the unfeeling individual who took her for granted: her old boss, Max Shreck (Christopher Walken). She despised women who embraced the tired role of the damsel in distress, waiting for a hero like Batman to swoop in and rescue them. Perhaps it was her independence and freedom of spirit that attracted Batman to her in the first place. Yeah, or maybe it was that incredible catsuit. Meeeowww...

Catwoman would find an unlikely ally in the Penguin (Danny DeVito), a silent partner with Shreck who had revenge plans of his own. But Selena had only one target and one focus, and she spurned the advances of the cold-blooded criminal for a more permanent partnership. She also denied the love of Batman and Bruce Wayne, refusing to give up her thirst for vengeance. She would get Shreck in the end, and one would hope she would also find peace of mind. Creating an alter ego to represent everything she couldn't be before, Selena had to deal with the difficulty of duality. As she faces the future alone, perhaps she will be able to rectify what she's done and learn to cope and heal.

INTELLIGENCE - 5: The trip out Max Shreck's window certainly caused Selena to become quite unhinged.

POWER - 7: Very physical, acrobatic, and skilled with a whip.

VILENESS - 3: She only had (evil) eyes for Max. And, well, she almost ate Penguin's bird too...

SWAY - 5: Had a strong enough personality, but doubt seemed to creep in her mind often enough to affect her decisions.

PURITY - 10: Not even Batman, Penguin, and four bullets could stop her from getting her hands on Shreck.

PHYSICAL - 9: The best female outfit ever... but being homemade, it did tend to fall apart easily.


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Oswald Cobblepot was the first son born to an affluent Gotham City couple, but because of his extreme physical deformaties, he was a source of pain and embarassment, and summarily tossed into a river. However, that watery grave would instead become a haven, and years later, the man known as The Penguin (Danny DeVito) would return to Gotham to seek revenge on the society that labelled him a monster.

In Batman Returns, The Penguin would set into motion his plan to murder all the first sons of Gotham as a symbolic response to the treatment his own parents gave him. In the process, he would meet Max Shreck, a shifty Gotham businessman with devious plans of his own. Together, they would hatch a scheme to put Mr. Oswald Cobblepot in the Mayor's office and in control of everything in the city. Batman, of course, has this thing about justice and fighting crime, so you know how that turns out.

During the course of events, the Penguin struggles with his own identity and history, at first trying to embrace the benefits of normal society and everything political power has to offer. In the end, he returns to his true home, complete with the cold-blooded killer circus folk and his penguin "babies." In either case, though, he's ruthless and painfully direct with his intentions. When he wanted to scare the Ice Princess - the lucky girl who gets to push the button and light up the Gotham Christmas Tree - he engineers a stunt to have her plummet to her death from the highest building. Penguin's response: "Well, she looked scared, didn't she?"

INTELLIGENCE - 7: Clever and crafty, the Penguin can lead a vicious gang and run for Mayor at the same time.

POWER - 4: Handicapped by an inflated spherical frame and flippers for hands, he's not much good in one-on-one combat.

VILENESS - 9: Hopes to exact revenge on rich Gothamites by killing their children.

SWAY - 6: Sufficiently aggressive while intimidating his gang or the public, but he tends to get sidetracked either by slinky Catwomen or Max Shreck's hype.

PURITY - 9: On the whole, his thirst for revenge fuels devious actions and a raging temper.

PHYSICAL - 8: Physically repulsive, not even the most dapper Gotham suits can save that mug of his.


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Maximillian Shreck

Maximillian Shreck (Christopher Walken) has the charisma and intellect to make him one of the most successful and powerful businessmen in Gotham. So it comes as no surprise that he would crave even more money and power, and in the process get the attention of that "trust fund goody-goody," Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton). However, when he defies Wayne and the Mayor and joins forces with the criminal kingpin, The Penguin (Danny DeVito), then he gets Batman's attention.

Shreck's desire for power is his undoing. He begins to get out of control, pushing his secretary Selena Kyle (Michelle Pfeiffer) out of a window to cover up his own little conspiracy. In the process, he helps unleash the Catwoman... but then again, who could've seen that coming? The problem is that Maximillian Shreck is a businessman at heart and doesn't want to get pulled too deep into the nefarious schemes of the Penguin. That, in turn, puts him on Penguin's bad side and ultimately leads to his demise, because let's face it: if you've got two supervillains and a superhero after you all at once, you're in deep shit.

INTELLIGENCE - 7: This highly-successful business tycoon didn't get to where he was by good looks.

POWER - 4: No wonder he wants to build a huge power plant. He lacks so much physically.

VILENESS - 9: Not many bosses will actually push their secretary out a window, no matter how badly they want to.

SWAY - 8: If he can convince Gotham that the Penguin is a good Mayoral candidate, he's damn good.

PURITY - 6: He craves power, but in the end he'll look to save his own corrupt ass (and even his son's).

PHYSICAL - 2: Great suits, but that's some crazy-ass hair.


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March 28, 2002


Jack Napier was a relatively normal maniac thug until he fell (or was dropped, depending on the story) into a vat of nasty stuff at Axis Chemicals in Gotham City.

After that, his permanent grin and psychotic glee became his calling cards, as did death and destruction. By far the most popular of the Batman series villains, The Joker is one of the toughest mofos on the list without the benefit of superpowers.

He was a true genius with skills in a number of scientific fields. Combined with a lust for chaos, he certainly gave the Dark Knight a run for his money. The Joker (and Nicholson's performance) was so chilling, in fact, that many people would welcome his return to Gotham. Just don't admit that to Bruce Wayne... er... Batman.

INTELLIGENCE - 10: Skilled in a number of scientific fields (i.e. chemistry) and has an extremely creative mind.

POWER - 4: Physically weak; relies on his boys to do most of the tough stuff. Remember that final fight with Batman? Bad.

VILENESS - 10: Was ready to nerve gas the entire Gotham population. And don't forget what he did to his girlfriend or his right-hand man, Bob, when he didn't get his way.

SWAY - 9: Convinced all of Gotham that he was the Good Guy compared to Batman; very strong personality.

PURITY - 9: He's pretty insane ever since the dip in the chemicals pool, way past the point of no return.

PHYSICAL - 5: The grin is terrifying, but he doesn't want to scare people with his wardrobe, he wants to impress them - a slave to his own fashion.


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